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My name is Juliette and I am the maker behind the ceramic ware on this site. I graduated from Sustainable Product Design in 2020, which I studied at Falmouth University in Cornwall.  I took all the background images you will see on this site while there and it remains a massive inspiration to me. I am originally from East London and am currently based there once more.

I love making functional pieces that will become part of the users everyday life, I hope the use of my ceramic pieces brings a moment of calm into the users day.


When studying sustainability, one of the key phrases you come across is 'less is more'. When applying that to the consumption of products, that could be interpreted as, in order to lead more sustainable lifestyles, we ought to buy less, treasure more. Be mindful of what you are filling your everyday with and if/where possible buy products that you love and whose origins you can trace.

Product Longevity

It is my opinion that a products longevity is greatly increased if one has a personal connection to that object. In the case of the ceramic pieces that I create, the connection would (hopefully) be the love you feel for the product and the fact that you either know or have met me in real life  or  are following my ceramic journey on social media, and therefore know how much care and time went into its creation. I think the continued connection between buyer and maker through social media; allowing you to keep in contact, and up to date on what I'm creating and also able to keep me up to date on how my work is doing in its new home is a wonderful thing :) Please tag me in any photos, or send me pictures of you using your piece as I would really love to see them.


Until clay has been fired, ( the first firing up to 1080 degrees) it is infinitely recyclable. I've made a conscious decision to inspect each piece before firing to make sure that I am 100% happy with it in order to reduce waste created by pieces that I deem to be not up to standards. When pieces are slightly below my usual standards, such as uneven glaze application I will have 'seconds sales' whereby I give people the chance to buy these pieces at a reduced rate in order to save them from being thrown away.

The studio that I attend is run on 100% renewable energy. 

I aim to reuse packaging or use recyclable/ biodegradable packing materials wherever possible.



I am currently working  as a Teacher at Jo Davies Studio in Walthamstow and Troytown Pottery in Haggerston alongside my own practise. I am available for commissions and wholesale work.

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